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We love this holiday!  While Christmas 2020 may be a bit untraditional, we are going to celebrate as best we can. Tis’ the season for the babe in the manager, trees, caroling, and cookies. Thanks to a few special children in my life, there will also be a new book!

A woman wearing red and white striped socks stands on her tiptoes on a wooden floor.  She is wearing a red skirt with a white fur trim.  She is standing  before a Christmas tree that is decorated with red and gold ornaments.  There are blue, orange, green and red lights that are wrapped around the tree.  Presents are wrapped on the floor.  The paper is red and green pattens.
Decorating the tree is one of our favorite Christmas traditions

The Backstory

My friends and I have talked about Christmas 2020 quite a bit.  Like most everything else this year, time with the girlfriends also went virtual.  Every few weeks or so, we scheduled a Zoom date to talk about life and check in on one another’s sanity.  My friend’s child, picking up on the idea of arranging meetings to discuss important information, had approached her mom.  My friend laughed and said, “My kid scheduled a time to talk about Santa with me.”  

We all laughed and then admitted our kids have done the same.  They are all wondering if Santa can still visit if we are in quarantine.  As a majority of our offspring are in the elementary questioning stage, the inquisition turned intense rather quickly.

“Mom, is it safe for Santa to travel?”

“Mommy, does he have to wear a mask?”

“Mama, will he come on a different day?”  

I was first convinced that the root of their questioning involved the outcome of their presents.  As I listened more closely, I could sense an underlying current of genuine worry.  Would this be canceled too?  

A bit of fun during Christmas 2020

The years I spent working with children in the field of education has taught me two very important things:

  1. They don’t always have the words to describe what’s bothering them
  2. It takes a little bit of creativity to reach them

My mind was very busy after that Zoom call.  I thought, “What if we update an old classic for modern times?”  There’s so much anxiety and worry going on that it’s time to have some fun with the kids. Thus, the idea for Will Santa Stop Here was born!  

A gloved and reaches for a star shaped sugar cookie on a red plate.  The arm appears to be part of Santa.  The background is a blurred Christmas tree with red, green, blue, and orange lights.  The plate also holds marshmallows, a coffee mug, and a red and white striped candy cane protruding from the top.
Everyone is wondering if Santa will visit houses this year

Will Santa Stop Here?

It’s December 24th and a little girl is waiting for Santa to arrive.  It’s Christmas 2020 so there are all sorts of questions that are keeping her up tonight.  If Santa is elderly, is it safe for him to travel?  What about going to all the houses?  How does that work during a global pandemic?  

The result is a humorous twist on the traditional Christmas tale.  I’m incredibly grateful that a talented illustrator, Nicole Roberts, was available for this project.  She has added details that made this story come to life.  I literally laughed out loud when I saw her illustration of the elves working on toys remotely!

A new Christmas book

You can find, Will Santa Stop Here? in print and online on Amazon.  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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