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Happy Staff Appreciation Week!  

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know how much we miss it until it’s gone.  That’s right, I’m talking about school.  I love my kids.  I also love the people who have an infinite amount of patience it takes to teach them.  While we miss our teachers, there’s also an invaluable supporting cast that makes the building run.  Don’t forget them during your staff appreciation week celebrations! Just imagine if you had the following cast quarantined with you in your house…  

Looking for teacher appreciation ideas?


I don’t know about you, but it’d be great if I had a hero with a cart right about now.  Somebody miss the bowl?  Did that unanticipated projectile vomiting just happen?  What’s that strange wet puddle I stepped in on the floor?  How amazing would my life be if I could radio them to the rescue!

What I would give to radio in someone when things get sticky.  Most of the custodians I know select their cleaning agents of choice with a surgeon-like precision.  We’ve all seen the sawdust-esque barf absorber but what other magic are they hiding in there?  Did I just see a special spray that takes all the naughty scribbles off the wall?  Let’s see what all these cans can do!

Did you know Custodial Staff Appreciation Day is October 2nd?

Cleaning supplies sit on a floor with a white background.  A white fiber mop, a multi-colored broom, and a dust pan stand in a line next to one another.

Lunch Ladies

Lord love ‘em!  What I would give to have one of them in my kitchen right now.  Yes, PLEASE sling whatever you got in the giant shiny pan on my melamine tray.  The work that they do is downright miraculous. I can barely meal plan for five kids.  Can you imagine what it’s like to plan for five hundred?  

School cuisine may not be winning any culinary awards, but you better believe it was made with love.  Regulations on quantity, nutritive value, and health department regulations also ensure that what is going into your belly is a balanced meal.  I’m thirty-six and I still look at my kids monthly menu and fantasize about oven baked crinkly fries.  Oh, and don’t forget the cinnamon on top of my applesauce.

School Lunch Hero Day is May 1st every year. Mark it in your calendar!

A school serving line.  A top the metal trays, an assortment of brightly colored foods sits in small clear plastic cups.  There are cut up kiwis, purple grapes, celery and carrot sticks, strawberry and banana slices, pineapple cubes, and green apple sauce.


If teachers are the heart of a school, then secretaries are circulatory system.  You’re not getting anywhere in that building unless you go through them!  These conductors of chaos can answer the phone and write a bus pass while simultaneously tabulating the hot lunch count.  

Oh, the things we could do if we had one of these professionals in our house during quarantine.  Desk space at my house would likely be cramped but I’m sure we could find a window!  We’d never miss another Zoom meeting again.  And, attendance counts would never be off.  Bonus! Anyone trying to sneak out the door wouldn’t make it past the sign-out clipboard!

Did you know Secretaries Day is now Administrative Professionals Day?

A digital phone with a caller ID screen sits upon a cream desktop with a green background. The phone is a dark gray and the screen is green with black writing.  The phone cord is visible on the desktop.


We’ve had repeated multi-level infractions occur over the last several weeks.  I’ve repeatedly caught myself saying “You’d get kicked out of school for that!”  I’ve assigned lunch detentions but everyone skips out after dessert.  My kids can also count better backward now than forward.  What I need is a Dean of Students to high-five like a WWE wrestler.  Your turn in the ring!  

In all seriousness, the deans that I’ve known are some of the most patient and kid-friendly people I’ve ever met.  They are part listener, part coach, part positive influencer.  They also understand that in order to make meaningful behavioral progress, a different approach is often needed.  What I need right now is a fresh perspective!  I will gladly clear out a corner for a desk in one of the kid’s rooms!  

You can celebrate your Dean of Students on School Administrator Appreciation Day!

An empty classroom with large gray tiled floor.  Desks line the left and right walls int he screen.  There is a picture of a map on the right wall.  A teachers desk and a chalkboard is on the back wall.  The main aisle of the room is clear.

Thank you!

Who is someone at your child’s school that you are grateful for this week? Post in the comments below!

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