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The Forgotten Rabbit Tale has launched. It’ a fun story to read as a family. What would make it better? How about some accompanying activities for kids?!

Activities for Kids: Handout for Group Events

The book was written to bring the Easter story back into our holiday activities. The accompanying activity handout can be used in group settings such as Sunday school, church youth events, and religious education activities. The FREE handout includes:

  • A schedule for a book reading
  • Discussion questions for children
  • Easter egg dye activity

Click the photo below for the handout

A wooden backdrop.  "Book Activity" is written across the top.  Underneath, "great for families, youth groups, or Sunday schools" is written.  Below the writing is a picture of the cover of the book "The Forgotten Rabbit Tale". This picture is advertising activities for kids

Activity Video

See a step-by-step tutorial for the egg dye

The kids and I had a mostly fun time filming this video for you all. I have a much greater appreciation for all those people working in the food blog industry. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Many of you watching the video are likely “sheltering-in-place” at home due to COVID-19. If you do not have some of the items used to create the dye, no worries! Experiment with plants or veggies and fruits that have seen better days. Take a walk around the yard and see what you can find! Also, we found that some of the dyes were still very vibrant without vinegar, such as the Tumeric.

Natural dye egg activity

Coloring Pages

Here are a few coloring pages to keep little hands busy!

Click on the image below for FREE coloring pages. You can also discuss the book with questions listed in the handout.

A black and white drawing.  A small rabbit is hidden amongst a rock pile.  There is foliage sprouting from the rocks.  The rabbit is looking towards an unseen person.

Interested in reading how “The Forgotten Rabbit Tale” came to be? Check out this blog post.

Thank you for visiting and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has purchased a book! The book is still available at the following online retailers: