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This blog is a re-write from the Mommster Facebook Page. Recently, our family had the wonderful opportunity to “meet” Santa and Mrs. Claus at a local photographer’s studio. Eric and Jana are incredibly talented (you can see more of their work here). This is not a sponsored post. It’s just one mom’s thank you note for the chance to capture the magic of Santa, one last time.

Guess Who’s in Town?!

I told the kids that someone special was in town a little early to see how everyone was doing. # 3 immediately got sassy “Mommy, you KNOW I don’t like Santa.”⠀

So, I did what any sane person would do, I dumped all five kids in coordinating Christmas pjs and loaded them into the car. A local photographer was hosting Santa sessions at their home studio. When we arrived, the oldest paused at the door. “I’m kinda nervous!” ⠀

Five children, all dressed in Christmas pajamas sit on a green and red plaid couch.
Five excited little faces!

#2 had no time for hesitation. He had lots of questions he needed answered so he barreled through the doorway. As we took our coats off, a gray haired woman in red velvet appeared in the entry way. It took #3 approximately 10 seconds to forget her phobia and she dove head first into the fur trimmed hoop skirt for a hug. ⠀

#2 says “Where’s the sleigh?” Mrs Claus was ready “No snow for a landing. We had to leave it at the airport.” He nodded. Apparently, this had passed muster. ⠀

It was time. We were lead through a beautifully Joanna Gaines-worthy decorated home to a parlor with not one but THREE Christmas trees. One of the kids said “I didn’t even know you could do that!!!” ⠀

Then, he appeared…

“SANTA!!!!” ⠀

The children were in a frenzy. The air was filled with “Read my letter!” and “How do you get in my house? We don’t have a chimney.” I was handed a peppermint mocha by our host. It was so good I felt bad for Starbucks.

Two small girls in pink pajamas stand before a Santa Claus.  Santa is sitting on the couch and reaching out for the papers.  The papers are of lined notebook paper.  There are circular scribbles on the pages.
Santa letters come in a lengths and scribbles.

They smiled, laughed, sang carols, and ate chocolate chip cookies chased with mugs of milk. I was living in my Pinterest Christmas Dream Board! ⠀

Five children sit on a red and green plaid couch with a Santa Claus.  Santa Claus sits in the middle.  He appears to be singing.  One of the children is ringing a set of bells.
“Jingle bells, jingle bells, JINGLE ALL THE WAY!”

Then, it hit me…

This may be the last time that all of my five children will enjoy the tradition of Santa. This may be the last real Santa Claus. #1 has started putting the pieces together but it was clear that in this moment, it was real. It was bittersweet.

A Santa Claus sits on a red and green plaid couch with two young boys.  The boys are sitting on his left and his right.  They are looking at Santa with surprised expressions.  Santa is holding a piece of paper.
Have you been good little boys this year?

Then, it was our time to go. One last hug, one last wish, and a couple jingles of the sleigh bells and we were out the door. ⠀

As we drove away, #2 yells “WAIT! Go back! I forgot to ask if he has a brother too!!!”⠀

Thank you for reading “The Last Real Santa Claus!” We wish you the Merriest of Christmases from the entire Mommster Crew!